Old Farm

A 300 acre mixed family farm with sheep, Hereford beef, Glamrock pigs, arable, horses, hens, farm shop, B&B and camping field. The farm is part of Batsford Estate and was used as the location for “Nigel and Adam’s Farm Kitchen” filmed for BBC1 in 2013.

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Farm update

Sorry for lack of updates lately, we are in limbo waiting to get on with the harvest.  So far we have managed to combine the peas and winter wheat, we just need to get the straw baled and get on with the spring barley and spring wheat. It will only take us 2 days to cut but at this rate we’re not sure when that will be!  Simon still has about 10 days of combining for other people too so lets hope for some dry weather soon, luckily the combine we have now is on tracks rather than wheels which means he can still work even if the ground is a bit wet without compacting the soil.

On a positive note, all this rain has given us plenty of grass and the lambs and cattle are growing well. We have weaned the lambs to let the ewes recover so that they’ll be in good condition for tupping time in October.  3 sows have farrowed in the last couple of weeks (the piglets are at the farm if you want to come and see them), they would have been ready for us to take to our Farmtastic area at Moreton Show. There are still a few days left to enter the Moreton Show children’s competitions: Best Dressed Farmer, Guess the Balloons In Tractor, Farmtastic re-cycled & Vegetable Farm Animals. Entries need to be in by September 1st, check out the Moreton Show Facebook Page for more details and sorry, under 16s only!

Looking for something to do this weekend? Take a look at Joseph’s Amazing Camels, they are hosting a countryside show and camel racing extravaganza on Saturday 29th August, 12.00 – 5.00pm. Numbers will be limited so it may be a good idea to pre-book tickets, click here to go to their website for more information…

If you would like to help yourselves (during shop hours) we have apples, pears and damsons in the orchard. There are sheep, alpacas and a calf in the orchard who will be happy to see you but please use the foot-dip and wash any windfalls well!  Come and see me in the shop first so I know you are there.

Fresh this week – sausages (plain & spicy dragons), gammon joints and steaks, bacon – smoked and plain.
Fresh next week – more sausages, pork chops and joints
To see what we have available in the shop please go to current farm shop price list page. This is not a full list of what we have but will give you an idea and I will update as stock becomes available or runs out.

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2020 Open Farm Sunday (virtually…)

We were sorry not to be able to open up the farm last weekend for Open Farm Sunday but thanks to Laura and Ben you can take a quick virtual farm tour from the safety of your screen. We should do more of these at different times of the year, watch this space!

Virtual Farm Walk

For the updated Farm Shop price list – click here…


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Price list and new policy

To see what we have available in the shop please go to current farm shop price list page. This is not a full list of what we have but will give you an idea and I will update as stock becomes available or runs out.

Update 21/5/20:

Apologies for lack of farm updates over the last few weeks, I am usually a bit behind in the office department and just want to get the stock list out but I am so late this week another 5 minutes won’t make much difference!  We finished lambing a few weeks ago, what great weather we had to turn out the 500+ lambs, we didn’t need the waterproof jackets this year. The ewes don’t need their woolly coats either now, Simon is over halfway through the shearing and has treated himself to a ”Shearing Module” which makes handling the sheep a lot easier and a back aid, basically a grown up baby bouncer. After 6 hours of shearing yesterday he said his back wasn’t too bad – just his arms and legs were a bit achy! The cows have been busy too with all but 2 of the 17 producing healthy calves so far and good news today, we had a clear TB test so the herd will be heading out to grass over the weekend…


Ways to buy:
1. Come to the shop during our opening hours (Fri/Sat, 9.30am – 2.00pm). We are operating a 1 in/1 out policy so please bear with us and we will be as quick as possible. Just wait outside (not too close to other customers) or in your car.

2. Make an appointment by phone (07846 980707) or e-mail (sarah@oldfarmdorn.co.uk) and come to the shop out of hours at a mutually convenient time.

3. If you are high risk or self isolating but are able to get to the shop then place your order, I will send an invoice via PayPal (no PayPal account required, just enter your card details), let me know when you are coming and I’ll leave your order out in a cool box outside the shop. I will disinfect these after each customer but it may be a good idea to wear gloves too.

4. We may be able to organise a delivery if you are really unable to get to Dorn…


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Lambing 2020

It’s officially started, and we were ready for a change (well, just about!). The lambing pens are filling up and hopefully we can start turning them out if the forecast is good (early next week looks promising). We do have some little rain coats at the ready just in case though, best to be prepared…

I have been busy sausage making for us, Bakery on the Water and Adam Henson’s Farm Park, big quantities are not so daunting now I have my new sausage stuffer/linker in place. I have only managed to run it at half speed so far, it all gets a bit frantic if I try to go too fast!

We will have fresh sausages and pork next week and we are planning to have fresh beef and lamb for Easter so please get your orders in if there’s anything special you’d like.

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2020 resolutions

Ok, so we’ve left it a bit late for New Year resolutions but we do have a few thoughts for the year.  We did try and calculate our Carbon Footprint last year for Open Farm Sunday and came up with a figure (showing a carbon credit) that was probably wildly inaccurate but it did get us thinking. Luckily some greater minds than ours have been on the case and they have come up with the Farm Carbon Cutting Toolkit. We are about to embark on the process, watch this space to see how we get on.  We’ll let you know the good, bad and ugly points – we assume that the way we farm here is sustainable but are to happy to make changes where needed if we can do things better.  We are also in the second year of a 5 year trial with Thames Water looking at improving soil health using a no-till regime (no ploughing) – yields weren’t great for year 1 but hopefully by year 5 we will see both improvements and savings.

We will continue to stock the cleaning product re-fills from SESI and Green My Business, please let us know if there is anything else you’d like us to have.

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Order your Christmas meat from Old Farm for chance to win a chef-cooked meal in your own home!

Keep it local this Christmas and place your order at Old Farm for a chance to win a meal for up to 8 cooked by Masterchef semi-finalist Sarah Dugdale and served by Sarah Righton!  The two Sarahs first got together at Open Farm Sunday in June where Sarah D prepared home made beef burgers and pulled pork for visitors. Choose from a menu using meat from the farm and other produce from the farm shop. Sarah is passionate about supporting British Farming and likes to use local ingredients with a provenance.

Go to Christmas Order page to download a form and either drop it into the shop or e-mail to sarah@oldfarmdorn.co.uk.

Sustainability is something we really care about,  we believe that by following traditional farming methods we can help in the fight against climate change. Here are a few reasons to support Old Farm this Christmas and for the rest of the year too…

  • cattle and sheep graze permanent pasture land, pigs are raised in straw yards and the sows live outside from April to October
  • hay and silage is made on the farm to feed stock over the winter reducing transport costs and emissions
  • straw from the arable crops is used for bedding and the manure is put back onto the arable land to reduce the need for artificial fertilisers
  • linseed straw from the farm powers the biomass boiler which heats the farmhouse and provides hot water
  • farm is involved in a trial with Thames Water looking at ways of improving soil quality
  • farm shop is looking at new ways of packaging meat – currently using compostable trays for sausages and testing new products
  • cleaning product re-fills, locally made beeswax food wraps and goat milk soap and shampoo bars
  • most other products in the shop are from within a 30 mile radius including milk delivered in bottles from Holmleigh dairy
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Cleaning product refill prices

Reducing our plastic usage with re-fills and sugarcane trays: 

You can now re-fill your cleaning solutions and washing/washing up liquid in the Farm Shop. Products from SESI and Green My Business are environmentally friendly and great value (kitchen/bathroom cleaners just 30p a go!) and the plastic sausage packaging is being replaced with compostable sugar cane trays. Pop in to see what we have to offer and watch this space, more products are on the way. Subscribe to our newsletter to keep up to date with what we have or let us know if there’s something you’d like us to stock…

Also available Goat milk soap and shampoo bars @ £3.95/bar.

Cleaning product refills Product Refill price per litre or per kg for powders
SESI Washing up liquid £2.00
Laundry Liquid -bio £3.00
Laundry Liquid -non bio £2.50
Fabric Conditioner £2.00
Toilet Cleaner £2.40
Cream Cleaner £3.00
White Vinegar £1.00
GMB Bathroom Cleaner £0.30 (50ml concentrate)
(500ml Sanitiser £0.30
refill) Kitchen Cleaner £0.30
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Piglets – finally!

This gallery contains 2 photos.

The 2 sows in the stable finally gave birth on Saturday – they farrowed at exactly the same time!

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Thank you!

Thank you to everyone who came to our open day yesterday (and thank goodness it wasn’t today!). We love to show people what we do at Old Farm and hope that you enjoyed the day as much as we did.  A huge thank you to all our helpers, family and friends, old and new, without them we just couldn’t host this event and we really want to continue to support this amazing initiative. LEAF (Linking Environment and Farming) do a fantastic job promoting and co-ordinating the day via the Farm Sunday website and the sponsors provide us with all the signs, flyers, posters etc. Put 7th June 2020 on your calendar, we’ll probably do it all again then!  Let us know if there’s anything else you’d like to see or do and we’ll try and include it …

We had a little surprise in the pig tent this morning, just a day too late!

One of a litter of thirteen Glamrock piglets born today.

The sow and piglets happy to be in the stable tonight.

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Farm Sunday Update (9th June)

It’s starting to take shape and we have already had some bookings on trybooking.com so don’t leave it to the last minute!
NB: this booking system is just for entry to the farm, for trailer rides you need to get a ticket from the Farm Shop – please do this as soon as you get to the farm as we only have space for 96 passengers throughout the day. There is no charge for entry or trailer rides.

We are thrilled to have Masterchef semi-finalist Sarah Dugdale from Bourton-on-the-Water joining us to make some fabulous food for £5.00 with meat reared on the farm and a veggie option:

  • Pulled Glamrock pork with coleslaw
  • Home made Hereford beef burger
  • Roast pepper and sweet potato cake

Please book food with Old Farm so we have an idea of numbers (and let me know which one you’d like to order…)

Sarah D. is now lending her support to farmer-founded organisation, Happerley (of which Old Farm is a member), which is working to secure food provenance honesty and transparency and empower the consumer to know the journey of their food. Sarah said: “I’m delighted to be a part of Happerley, I’ve always valued the ingredients for my cooking and it’s something I’m deeply passionate about. I genuinely think it’s vital people know what’s in their food so they can make informed choices. It’s crucial we know what we’re actually consuming and Happerley champions that.”

Plan for the day:
Gates open                     @10.30am
Shearing Demonstration  @ 11.00am, 1.00pm, 3.00pm
Sausage Making              @ 11.45am, 1.45pm, 3.45pm
Tractor and Trailer rides   –  departing every 45 minutes from 10.45am, please get a ticket from Farm Shop as there is limited availability.
Sarah Dugdale’s hot food from the farm house, £5.00/head, please book with Old Farm if you want to guarantee availability.
Farm Walk – self guided, just follow the arrows.  Dogs welcome on leads and don’t forget your poo bags.
Machinery display in the caravan field and sheep, pigs, cattle, horses and alpacas all over the place!

Click here to book free tickets for farm entry

Masterchef semi finalist Sarah Dugdale will be serving fabulous food for a fiver using Old Farm meat in 9th June

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