Visit Old Farm

If you’d like to see behind the scenes of a working farm then give us a call to arrange a free farm visit. We can cater for groups of all ages (minimum 6 people, maximum about 30) and we can tailor the visit to suit each individual group. Give us a call to find out more…

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Easter Update

We can now count the pregnant ewes left in the barn on two hands and most of the flock are now enjoying the sunshine out in the fields. There are more than 400 lambs now – come along and see them if you get a chance over the Easter weekend. Our short walk is still available for kids to win an egg/chocolate bar by answering 3 easy questions and for the grown ups, have a go at counting the sheep in the Fosse Field for a chance to win a hamper. The walk is open this Thurs/Fri/Sat during shop opening hours.

Fresh Meat & Asparagus:

There is plenty of fresh meat in this week (especially lamb) and the burger machine has been on overtime ready for the bank holiday weekend. Just in time for Easter we have our first Asparagus of the season @ £2.20/bundle.

Dates for your diary:

17th May – Cider Tasting - 11.00-3.00. Come and try our “Righton’s Ruin” cider plus we’re having a table top sale in the barn. Refreshments available…

8th June – “Open Farm Sunday” – Watch this space for details

NB. The  shop will be open as normal over the Easter – Weds-Sat 9.30-5.00pm (including Good Friday)

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Easter Walks

Spring Lamb

Come and see me @oldfarmdorn (ewe can follow us on twitter too!)

Easter Farm Walks

9th-12th & 16th-19th April

9.30am – 5.00pm

Follow the trail, see the lambs, find the clues to win an egg and help Simon count his sheep for a chance to win a local hamper & why not try an Old Farm Espresso, Latte or Cappuccino.

Have an Old Farm Easter Feast with home produced lamb, beef, pork and eggs plus


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Nominations please!

Nominations for the 2014 Cotswold Life Food and Drink Awards need to be in by 18th April. We won the “Best Farm Shop” category a couple of years ago with the old shop but now we’ve moved maybe we could be in the running again? Just to be shortlisted is great as you get to go to the awards dinner – we could do with a good night out!

Click here to nominate on line.


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Nearly there…

3 weeks on from the first lambs arriving we are now nearing the end. It has all gone by in a bit of a blur – Simon and I are starting to look a little worse for wear. We can’t burn the candles at both ends any more so Simon stays up late and I do the early shift.  I quite enjoy my early mornings out on the farm, the picture below was on one of the rare frosty ones.It was harder getting up yesterday and today though as it’s dark again at 5.15 and Simon had a shock on Sunday morning as he went out at just gone midnight, spent an hour or so in the lambing shed but then it was 3.00am when he got to bed! The ewes and lambs have been enjoying the sunshine over the weekend, it’s a far cry from last year when we had sheep stashed in avery available nook and cranny to protect them from the cold.  It certainly helps milk production to get the ewes out on the grass so the lambs should get off to a good start this year.EASTER WALKS: We’re opening up the Farm Walk over the Easter holidays (during normal shop opening hours 9.30-5.00, Weds 9th-Sat 12th and Weds 16th-Sat 19th) so come along and see how the lambs and crops are doing   and why not try a coffee (other drinks are available) in the new outside seating area at the shop (or inside if rainy)!

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New Arrivals

New arrivals at the farm this week:

1. Spring (for now at least)

2. Lambs

Bang on the due date we had 2 doubles and a single. You’re welcome to come and take a look – instead of having to go through the mud to the lambing pens we’ve cleared out the stable next to the pigs (just opposite the shop) so you can take a look at the latest arrivals next time you come.  Toilet and hand wash facilities are available in the shop, please wash hands before eating if you’ve been in the “animal zone”!


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Anyone for coffee? (other drinks are available!)

We have been busy in the shop over the last few weeks, not necessarily with customers (January is always quiet) but trying to sort out the next phase of our big plan…

You may have noticed a smart new arrival behind the til, she’s called Zoe, she’s from Italy and she makes great coffee!! Yep, we have finally installed the coffee machine and can now offer you an espresso, macchiato, americano, cappuccino, hot chocolate or even a cup of tea – there is space to sit down or we can do you a take away if you’re in a hurry.  Our friends from Extract Coffee are looking after us providing not just great coffee but training too so we hopefully know what we’re doing!!  They select only 100% Specialty Grade Arabicas from single farms, estates & co-ops, ethically sourced from growers around the globe. Take a look at their website for more info.

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Christmas Order Forms

Thank you for your patience, I promised to get the Christmas order form out after half term and am running a little behind (as ever). It’s a 2 pager this year – I tried to get everything from turkeys to mince pies in one place but there are spaces too for the things that wouldn’t fit.

Go to our Christmas Order Page to download a copy or pick one up in the shop.

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Bonnie on the Beeb & Children in Need

We were really excited to see the trailer (featuring Nigel, Adam and Bonnie) on BBC 1 over the weekend. When filming started back in March it all seemed a bit unreal, I’m not sure we’ll quite beleive it ’til we see it.

The flour and oats grown at the farm for the program are now available to buy from the Farm Shop with all proceeds going to Children in Need. 

Product £

Durum 00 grade pasta flour


White Bread Flour


Rolled/Jumbo oats


Jumbo Oats 12.5kg


We sold some of the produce at the Farmer’s Market in Chipping Norton and Kitchen Garden from Stroud bought all the bulk bags of rolled oats for their new product: Wolfy’s porridge.  The total raised so far is ~£1500, I think we can do better than that don’t you?


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It’s Official…

Nigel and Adam’s Farm Kitchen will be hitting your screens very soon. (1st Episode BBC1, Weds 20th Nov 8pm)

“In their new BBC One series, Nigel Slater and Adam Henson join forces to show us how to get most value, variety and flavour from the top 50 foods bought in the UK week in and week out at the supermarket. Over 4×60-minute episodes, Nigel and Adam will sow, grow, rear and cook with the country’s favourite fresh ingredients on a working farm in the Cotswolds, run by the Righton family. They’ll put us back in touch with where our favourite foods come from and how they get from farm to fork.” Farm Kitchen Press Release

If you’ve been to the farm over the summer you may have seen some of the filming taking place and apologies for any inconvenience this may have caused. The bits we have seen so far look wonderful, it’s fantastic to see the farm in a whole new way thanks to the amazing camera work. The whole family managed to get in on the act although it’s BB and Bonnie who probably get most of the coverage, I think a lot of our footage is on the cutting room floor. We are now planning to move into the new shop (Nigel’s Kitchen) by Christmas – I know we said that last year but we really mean it this time!

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Show Time!

Sorry, Farm Shop Closed Sat 7th September

Wow, that went quick!  Harvest is just about over, there’s only a few oats left to get in but they’re not quite ready yet. At least Simon will definitely be available for the Moreton Show this Saturday (7th) – I know he always gets there but there’s often a chance he’ll be combining if it needs doing…

Our stand is in the same position as last year, looking at the main arena from the South with the member’s area straight ahead of you, we’re on the bottom right hand corner.  Come along and see us, we should have bacon baps and hot dogs ready by 8.00am with burgers and a pig roast from 11.00 ish.

There will be a fresh meat counter with a selection of lamb, beef, pork, sausages and burgers plus Becky’s tasty pork pies, Alan will happily keep your purchases in the fridge ’til home time. We luckily had a sow farrow last week so we’ll bring her along with her piglets too…

As Dorn will be difficult to access due to show traffic and we will be at the show, I’m sorry to say that the FARM SHOP will be CLOSED on Saturday, apologies for any inconvenience.  We will be open as usual Wed/Thur/Fri and have a selection of fresh lamb, beef and pork plus discounted show tickets: £13.50 (£16.50) adults, £4.50 (£6.50) children and £35 (£42) family – 2 adults+3 children.

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