farm shop price list 10th Sept Sheet1 pdf

farm shop price list 10th Sept xls

Fresh this week:

  • plain pork sausages, ginger & spring onion, lemon & fennel
  • gammon – joints & steaks
  • Bacon

For current price list, subject to availability, just click on the link above. This is not a full list of what we have but will give you an idea.

Ways to buy:
1. Come to the shop during our opening hours (Fri/Sat, 9.30am – 2.00pm). We are operating a 1 in/1 out policy so please bear with us and we will be as quick as possible. Just wait outside (not too close to other customers) or in your car.

2. Make an appointment by phone (07846 980707) or e-mail ( and come to the shop out of hours at a mutually convenient time.

3. If you are high risk but are able to get to the shop then place your order, I will send an invoice via PayPal (no PayPal account required, just enter your card details), let me know when you are coming and I’ll leave your order out in a cool box outside the shop. I will disinfect these after each customer but it may be a good idea to wear gloves too.

4. We may be able to organise a delivery if you are really unable to get to Dorn…


Soaps and re-fills:

Goat milk soap and shampoo bars @ £3.95/bar.

Cleaning product refills in your own containers (price per litre or per kg for powders) We have containers available to purchase 50p – £2.00.

Laundry Liquid -bio £3.50
Laundry Liquid -non bio £2.50
Fabric Conditioner £2.00
Toilet Cleaner £2.50
Cream Cleaner £3.30
Washing powder/Dishwasher powder £4.80
Washing up liquid £2.20
White Vinegar £1.20
Rinse aid £3.50
Bubble bath/shower gel £hand wash £4.00
Alcohol sanitiser  £18.00

Bathroom Cleaner £0.30 (50ml concentrate)

Sanitiser £0.30 (50ml concentrate)

Kitchen Cleaner £0.30 (50 ml concentrate)