October Update

We have finally managed to finish all the combining; the linseed proved a bit of a challenge and we had a few breakdowns (mechanical!) but got there in the end and it seems to have yielded quite well.  We will have to dry it however before we can sell it despite the amazing weather we experienced at the end of September.  We sold 4 loads of wheat early on but wish we had sold more as the price has now dropped by £30/tonne so we will hang for a bit longer and keep our fingers crossed before selling any more.

Simon has just made his annual trip to Builth Wells and came back with 45 young females (Welsh Mule ewe lambs that is).  He only went for 30, they must have seen him coming! The tups are nearly ready to get started and are due for their MOT in the next week or so before being let loose with the girls. 

The drilling is nearly finished with about 40 acres of wheat still to go in.  We could do with a bit of rain now to get things moving before the temperatures drop too far.  Simon has enjoyed this years cultivations with a new toy – a 160 horse power “Eco Friendly” tractor which is meant to help reduce our fuel costs.  I’m not sure how many years we need to use it for to justify this but it was a good excuse anyway Simon!

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