April News

You may have noticed Simon ploughing in the Fosse Field and Batsford Corner last week, it took about 12 hours to complete the 17 hectares.  The new drill Simon bought from a neighbouring farmer made the job a lot faster than our old one which only allowed us to travel at 6-8 km/h, at 12-15km/h he was done in half the time and the tractor used less fuel too so it should pay for itself in about 20 years! It is now planted with linseed, watch out for the beautiful blue flowers over the summer.

A big welcome to Sarah Mann who joined the Old Farm team this week.  Sarah will be at the farm Monday to Friday and has already got the hang of sausage linking!  Fiona will still be in the shop on Thursday and Friday mornings but will probably be grateful for some help as we are starting to get quite busy at these peak times.

Monday 23rd is St George’s Day and the start of the Great British Beef Week.  Francis Green, The Cotswold Traiteur, has made us a tasty Provençal Daube of Beef (with our beef of course) and it will be in the shop from Tuesday.  If you want some new recipes to try at home why not go to the British Beef Week website for some tasty ideas.

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