Make hay while the sun shines…

…so that’s what we’re doing this week!  After such a bad start to the year it’s a relief to get the barns filled, there seems to be plenty of grass thank goodness.

The first of our spring lambs are ready now and available in the shop and we have fresh beef, pork, sausages and gammons too.  There were even a few fillet steaks left last time I looked and plenty of burgers in the freezer. Becky has made a fresh batch of pork pies this week so if you’re planning a picnic over the weekend why not give one a try (or two, there are still a few different flavours left).

We’ve been busy with farm walks over the last couple of weeks and have a few more in the pipeline. It’s great to have an excuse to walk around the farm, especially at the moment, and we get to meet some lovely people who are really interested in what ‘s going on.  We will try to organise an evening walk in August so if you’re interested watch this space!

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