Bonnie on the Beeb & Children in Need

We were really excited to see the trailer (featuring Nigel, Adam and Bonnie) on BBC 1 over the weekend. When filming started back in March it all seemed a bit unreal, I’m not sure we’ll quite beleive it ’til we see it.

The flour and oats grown at the farm for the program are now available to buy from the Farm Shop with all proceeds going to Children in Need. 

Product £

Durum 00 grade pasta flour


White Bread Flour


Rolled/Jumbo oats


Jumbo Oats 12.5kg


We sold some of the produce at the Farmer’s Market in Chipping Norton and Kitchen Garden from Stroud bought all the bulk bags of rolled oats for their new product: Wolfy’s porridge.  The total raised so far is ~£1500, I think we can do better than that don’t you?


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