It’s Official…

Nigel and Adam’s Farm Kitchen will be hitting your screens very soon. (1st Episode BBC1, Weds 20th Nov 8pm)

“In their new BBC One series, Nigel Slater and Adam Henson join forces to show us how to get most value, variety and flavour from the top 50 foods bought in the UK week in and week out at the supermarket. Over 4×60-minute episodes, Nigel and Adam will sow, grow, rear and cook with the country’s favourite fresh ingredients on a working farm in the Cotswolds, run by the Righton family. They’ll put us back in touch with where our favourite foods come from and how they get from farm to fork.” Farm Kitchen Press Release

If you’ve been to the farm over the summer you may have seen some of the filming taking place and apologies for any inconvenience this may have caused. The bits we have seen so far look wonderful, it’s fantastic to see the farm in a whole new way thanks to the amazing camera work. The whole family managed to get in on the act although it’s BB and Bonnie who probably get most of the coverage, I think a lot of our footage is on the cutting room floor. We are now planning to move into the new shop (Nigel’s Kitchen) by Christmas – I know we said that last year but we really mean it this time!

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