Food and Farming Awards

We had a great night out last week at the Taste of Gloucestershire Food and Farming Awards. We won the “Best Farmer” category last year so decided to go for “Best Local Producer” this time.  It was a popular group with 5 finalists (Kitchen Garden Foods, Cotswold Gold, Godsells Cheese and Winstones Ice Cream).  Thanks to the organisers and to Cordial AV for the short film played on the big screen at the Centaur, Cheltenham Racecourse – click on the link below if you fancy a laugh!!  We were just runners up this year – the night belonged to Cotswold Gold (winning 3 out of the 4 categories entered) well done Charlie!

Every year we joke that as we always seem to be busy with something it could be quite easy to forget to do something really important e.g. put the tups in with the ewes…  The cows and sows run with the bull and boar respectively all the time as they are calving and farrowing throughout the year but for the tups, its 6-8 weeks hard labour followed by 10 months recuperation.  Anyway, you’ll be pleased to hear the tups are in so we are hopeful for a good crop of lambs in 5 months.

Simon has finished all the autumn drilling (winter wheat mainly plus some mustard to give the sheep a bit of something to nibble on over the winter) and has now mucked out the cattle yards so they are ready for the cows to come inside when the weather turns for the worse.  We still have a bit of work to do on the pig pens so they will have to stay glamping in their yurt for a little longer but they don’t seem too bothered.

Old Farm Awards Video

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