Price list and new policy

To see what we have available in the shop please go to current farm shop price list page. This is not a full list of what we have but will give you an idea and I will update as stock becomes available or runs out.

Update 21/5/20:

Apologies for lack of farm updates over the last few weeks, I am usually a bit behind in the office department and just want to get the stock list out but I am so late this week another 5 minutes won’t make much difference!  We finished lambing a few weeks ago, what great weather we had to turn out the 500+ lambs, we didn’t need the waterproof jackets this year. The ewes don’t need their woolly coats either now, Simon is over halfway through the shearing and has treated himself to a “Shearing Module” which makes handling the sheep a lot easier and a back aid, basically a grown up baby bouncer. After 6 hours of shearing yesterday he said his back wasn’t too bad – just his arms and legs were a bit achy! The cows have been busy too with all but 2 of the 17 producing healthy calves so far and good news today, we had a clear TB test so the herd will be heading out to grass over the weekend…


Ways to buy:
1. Come to the shop during our opening hours (Fri/Sat, 9.30am – 2.00pm). We are operating a 1 in/1 out policy so please bear with us and we will be as quick as possible. Just wait outside (not too close to other customers) or in your car.

2. Make an appointment by phone (07846 980707) or e-mail ( and come to the shop out of hours at a mutually convenient time.

3. If you are high risk or self isolating but are able to get to the shop then place your order, I will send an invoice via PayPal (no PayPal account required, just enter your card details), let me know when you are coming and I’ll leave your order out in a cool box outside the shop. I will disinfect these after each customer but it may be a good idea to wear gloves too.

4. We may be able to organise a delivery if you are really unable to get to Dorn…


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