Farm update

Sorry for lack of updates lately, we are in limbo waiting to get on with the harvest.  So far we have managed to combine the peas and winter wheat, we just need to get the straw baled and get on with the spring barley and spring wheat. It will only take us 2 days to cut but at this rate we’re not sure when that will be!  Simon still has about 10 days of combining for other people too so lets hope for some dry weather soon, luckily the combine we have now is on tracks rather than wheels which means he can still work even if the ground is a bit wet without compacting the soil.

On a positive note, all this rain has given us plenty of grass and the lambs and cattle are growing well. We have weaned the lambs to let the ewes recover so that they’ll be in good condition for tupping time in October.  3 sows have farrowed in the last couple of weeks (the piglets are at the farm if you want to come and see them), they would have been ready for us to take to our Farmtastic area at Moreton Show. There are still a few days left to enter the Moreton Show children’s competitions: Best Dressed Farmer, Guess the Balloons In Tractor, Farmtastic re-cycled & Vegetable Farm Animals. Entries need to be in by September 1st, check out the Moreton Show Facebook Page for more details and sorry, under 16s only!

Looking for something to do this weekend? Take a look at Joseph’s Amazing Camels, they are hosting a countryside show and camel racing extravaganza on Saturday 29th August, 12.00 – 5.00pm. Numbers will be limited so it may be a good idea to pre-book tickets, click here to go to their website for more information…

If you would like to help yourselves (during shop hours) we have apples, pears and damsons in the orchard. There are sheep, alpacas and a calf in the orchard who will be happy to see you but please use the foot-dip and wash any windfalls well!  Come and see me in the shop first so I know you are there.

Fresh this week – sausages (plain & spicy dragons), gammon joints and steaks, bacon – smoked and plain.
Fresh next week – more sausages, pork chops and joints
To see what we have available in the shop please go to current farm shop price list page. This is not a full list of what we have but will give you an idea and I will update as stock becomes available or runs out.

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